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Individual or businesses interested in having the club do work for them can contact the club to let them know of their needs. If the project is appropriate for the club members, the client is invited to attend a meeting, discuss their project and bring any marketing material they are presently using. Members then form a client prospects, prepare a proposal and complete design concepts for approval. A price list is available to view for such projects. Club members have had many opportunities to do excellent work such as the Summer Bay Resort, MacWizard and Oragane County Environmental Protection Agency's logos, a Lynx bus design, coloring book cover and inside illustrations, identity packages, brochures and many other projects.


What are the advantages of coming to the Graphic Design Group to have work done?
You will be charged only a fraction of the cost that would be paid to a professional design firm, free-lance designer, or advertising agency. Because projects are available for all of our highly motivated members to try, you will benefit from having a number of ideas to choose from.

What should I expect to pay to have work done?
Prices vary per job. Please check our price list for specific prices.

What should I be prepared to have prior to a project being started by the group?
It varies by the job. Generally, you should be prepard with as much information as possible. Things such as pictures, required text, logos, etcetera wil be needed prior to beginning the project. You will be informed by a member of the group regarding the specific material required prior to starting on the project.

Do you include printing in your prices?
No, we do not handle printing.

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